Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Reunion" M.R. Joseph (Giveaway alert!!)

I've got a couple of very special guests today, helping me announce our next giveaway.  Please welcome Savannah Garrett and Sam Reynolds.  It's great to have you here guys, but I know you don't have a lot of time - so I'll just great straight to it.  Please tell us what your favorite St. Patrick's day memory've got to have a few good ones, right?

Sam Reynolds: I guess one of my favorite memories of St. Patty's day has to be the one before Savy left for Boston to start teaching. We were at Roy's and he was throwing a huge bash.

Savannah Garrett: Oh yes! I remember that. It was a lot of fun.

Sam Reynolds: I don't remember too much, *tips his hand to his mouth* but I do remember you dressed up as a cute little Leprechaun. Damn, I loved those green thigh highs and those sexy black boots.


Savannah: Fresh boy. *smacks Sam's arm* All of our friends were there and Roy hired an Irish band to play. The beer from the taps were green and a group of Irish Step dancers came in to teach some of the patrons how to do some of the moves.

Sam Reynolds: I'm pretty sure I fell flat on my ass when they tried to show me.

Savannah Garrett: *Laughing* Now that is something I won't forget.

Sam Reynolds:*Nudges her shoulder, kisses her temple* Smart ass!

Awe, aren't they sweet everyone?  Now, without further ado, enter the Rafflecopter below for a copy of Reunion by MR Joseph - featuring Sam and Savy themselves!

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  1. Cute interview! :) My favorite St. Patty's day memory happened a few years back. My friends and I went over to another friend's place and we had a Irish-themed brunch feast! Everyone wore green, drunk all kinds of Irish alcoholic beverages such as Kilkenny and Baileys, we even had Lucky Charms cereal! Lol! There was a lot of singing, dancing and drunken merry fun!


  2. Last year we spent the evening with friends that was my favorite most recent memory