Monday, March 18, 2013

And the winners are....

Happy Monday, lovelies!  Yesterday was a blast...I got to share my love of St. Patrick's Day and email all the winners of our giveaways.  Thank you all once again for participating and making my first month as a blogger so much fun! (March 17th also marked that occasion, so it was double celebration for me :-)  ).  The winners are listed below.  If you have not already emailed me, please check your email and respond as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Tess Halim - 
   "Reckless" signed paperback S.C. Stephens and "Thoughtless" inspired keychain
Shayna Snyder - 

   "Deeper We Fall" Chelsea M. Cameron eBook
Trish Bowers - 

    Combined Volume paperback "Masters at Arms" & "Nobody's Angel" Kallypso Masters
Amy Leen - 

   "All The Way" Jennifer Probst eBook
Kristen Vella -  

   "Wild Ones" M.Leighton eBook
P.J.Evans - 

   "Wild Ones" M.Leighton eBook
Shelley Summers - 

   "Got The Life" & "Dead" Jade C. Jamison paperback
Shanean Read - 

   "Last Call" Alannah Lynne eBook
Mikki DiCampo - 

   eBook from "Kinky Truth" series & $10 Amazon gift card Angel Payne
Leslie Torres - 

   "Every Which Way" signed paperback Calia Read
Michelle Capra-Mann - 

   "Until the Dawn" signed paperback Desiree Holt
Linda Serlovsky - 

   "Reunion" signed paperback M.R. Joseph

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