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Surprise Cover Reveal & Blurb: MOGUL by Katy Evans

MOGUL by Katy Evans
Publication Date: May 31, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A brand new contemporary romance from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans is coming May 31st!

He's my most delicious secret.
The hot Suit I had a one-night stand with one evening.
I didn't know anything about him, not even his name.
Only that we shared a taxi, and he was staying at the hotel where I worked.
We met in room 301. Where he commanded not only my body but my soul.
The next day he was gone and I only had a memory of him.
I could still taste his kisses, feel his demanding touch.
I searched for him for months. Daydreaming about him. Wondering if I'd ever find him.
Until the day I find myself staring face to face with his jeweled black eyes again.
He says lets keep it casual, and my heart knows that falling for this workaholic in a three-thousand-dollar suit is off the table.
Because he has a secret. One that's a deal breaker for me.
My Suit has a name.
Ian Ford.
And this is our story.


Paperback, GooglePlay, and other links to come!


Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 9 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world.

Email: katyevansauthor@gmail.com


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Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt: SINNER by Sierra Simone

SINNER by Sierra Simone

Release Date: March 15th
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Designer: Letitia Hasser from RBA Designs


I’m not a good man, and I’ve never pretended to be.  I don’t believe in goodness or God or any happy ending that isn’t paid for in advance.

What do I believe in?  Money.  Sex.  Macallan 18. 

They have words for men like me—playboy.  Womanizer.  Skirt chaser.

My brother used to be a priest, and he only has one word for me.


I'm not even going to pretend that I can properly tell you how much I LOVED SINNER, just know that this book was EVERYTHING!!! πŸ“šπŸ“ΏπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ˜πŸ’šπŸ’¦πŸ˜ I FLOVED EVERY SINFUL MINUTE OF IT! I loved the characters...I loved Zenny's mixture of innocence and assertiveness and Sean's bossiness and his heart. (Getting this book from Sean's POV also allowed for a very delightful read BTW *wink*) I loved the story, it was completely unique in every way. I simply loved EVERYTHING! Just when I thought it was impossible for Sierra to outdo herself, she produces this spellbinding masterpiece and sets the bar a little higherπŸ’š I can't get over how much emotion and feeling was packed into this book. One thing I DID expect (and definitely wasn't disappointed with) was the downright filthiness of Sean Bell, but I did NOT expect the level of emotions that went through me while reading. I giggledπŸ˜†, I swooned😍, I blushedπŸ˜ŠπŸ’¦πŸ˜*fans self*, I wept😭, I hurtπŸ’”, and then I was deliriously happy againπŸ’š #allthefeels 

I will admit, I was slightly concerned that the age gap in this book was going to be an issue for me, but once again, Sierra proves that whatever she writes, it will consume you in every way and will make you push past your hesitations. In the grand scheme of things, Zenny and Sean's age is irrelevant, their love transcended ALL all things. I couldn't care less about their age difference now *wink*

SINNER is completely and utterly addictive and keeps you glued to the page from the sinful beginning to the beautiful end. And I have to say, Sierra's ability to eloquently write about some delicate subject manners (God, sex, death, belief and unbelief) and produce a book as utterly beautiful as this, is a true testament to abilities as as author. Well done, well done!πŸ™Œ

Everyone needs to meet Sean and Zenny... like now! If you've never read a Sierra Simone novel, READ THIS NOW! πŸ“š U will not regret it. πŸ”₯

**Note: this is book #2, but can be read as a standalone**

#SinWithSean #Pray4UsSinners #NewRelease #NowLive #BestFriendsLittleSister #agegap#ProjectDoubt #HonestGuyTime #WillNotLookAtWinnieThePoohTheSame 

10 Stars! 
xoxo, VivianπŸ’‹



“Zenny,” I mumble against her lips, some valiant part of me recognizing that this is far, far beyond the kiss she asked for, and also recognizing that I’m going to come all over the inside of my Hugo Boss suit pants if she keeps it up.  Even through the clothes, I can feel her heat, her shameless rolls hinting at where she goes soft and wet between her legs.

Fuck, I want to see it.  I want to see her pussy.  It’s suddenly all I can think about, all I can want or crave, just one glimpse, just a peek.

“I want to see your cunt,” I say hoarsely, lifting my head.

“My…cunt?”  She says the word like she’s never said it out loud before.

“Yeah.”  My voice is so ragged right now, so desperate, and fuck, I’ve never felt this frantic before.  Like I’ll actually combust if I don’t get this one thing, this one small sight of her secret place.

She lets out a shaky breath, her hand dropping from my lapel to her skirt, which she slowly rucks up to her waist as I devour her lips once more, as I bury my face in her neck and kiss every sliver of skin exposed above her collar.  I bite at her ear, at her jaw, my hand finding hers as it pulls her skirt up, so that I’m helping her do it, that we’re doing it together, this forbidden act, this forbidden revelation. 

Her forbidden body.

That word, forbidden, spikes through my mind, bringing with it equal spikes of lust and fear.  Because yes, it’s fucking hot that I shouldn’t be kissing her, I shouldn’t be begging to see her most secret place, my hand shouldn’t be covering hers as it slides up her thigh—but it’s also bad.  Bad even for Sean Bell. 

Bad, bad, bad.

Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City
Goodreads : http://bit.ly/1oo9WEh



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Blog Tour, Review & Excerpt: LAKE + MANNING by Jessica Hawkins

Manning and I have what happily-ever-after is made of . . .
A home he built us on the unshakeable foundation we fought for.
A life of laughter carved out of heartache and betrayal.
A love story to stand the test of time.

But between a trust that can’t be broken, joy that can’t be bridled, and passion that would scorch the sun, the empty spaces are becoming more and more difficult to ignore . . .
Fears that keep Manning up at night as he slips from our bed.
Our complicated relationship with a man he respects and one I don't know how to forgive.
And a sprawling, beautiful home with one small room I'm afraid I'll never be able to fill.
Manning and I have what happily-ever-after is made of . . . 
But I'll beg the heavens for just one thing more.
“I love you, Lake Sutter. I don’t know why you trusted me that first day or any day after it. You mesmerized me. There was, and still is, something in the way you are. Your blue eyes brought peace and light to my dark and noisy head.” He drew back and took a moment to collect himself. “I think you saved me, Birdy.” With his last words, my tears finally slid free. I shook my head. “You saved yourself.” “You did. More than once. If my life wasn’t everything it is,” he said, nodding over the crowd toward our house, “it would be nothing.”

*happy tears* #WhatAmISupposed2DoWithMyLifeNow I've just finished what must have been the most emotional character journey OF. MY. LIFE! And because of that, I am forever changed. Words cannot fully express my love for this saga and the couple within it. I want EVERYONE to read it! LAKE + MANNING (Something in the Way #4) was EVERYTHING I hoped for and WAY MORE. I didn’t realize just HOW MUCH I NEEDED this ending for their story, until I read it. I know Jessica Hawkins had originally planned to end the series with MOVE THE STARS, but I am over the moon happy that she continued Lake and Manning’s story and gave them (and us fans) this HEA. She couldn’t have done a more extraordinary job with how she completed this saga. It is truly remarkable and utterly unforgettable!

You that book that you've been waiting what seems like FOR.EVER. to read...THIS is that book for me! I was BURSTING with emotions while reading LAKE + MANNING. #AllTheFeels I feel as if I've grown up with these characters while reading their story. I’ve gone through their obstacles with them, experienced their heartaches, their ups and downs and I’ve also watched their unshakable love continue to grow with each trail thrown their way. Their love for each other has truly lived through the test of time. So to FINALLY get their HEA, it's both beautiful and bittersweet in equal measures. I am sad to see their story come to an end, but this ending was EXACTLY what I needed for them. Their story will be forever etched onto my heart and I know every time I look to the sky, I will be looking for them... summer triangle. This is truly an EXCEPTIONAL story and couple that I will NEVER forget for the rest of my life. 
“Once in a great while, we get the timing right.”
10 Stars!
xoxo, VivianπŸ’‹

(will contain spoilers if you haven't finished the saga)

Other books in the SOMETHING IN THE WAY series:
MOVE THE STARS (Something in the way #3)
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Series Links
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Series Links:
The series on iBooks ➜ http://bit.ly/sitwseriesibooks
The series on Amazon ➜ http://amzn.to/2qiC2lt
SOMETHING IN THE WAY (Something in the Way #1)
Amazon  http://smarturl.it/sitwamazon
iBooks  http://apple.co/2hOCBPh
Nook  http://smarturl.it/sitwnook
Google Play  https://goo.gl/B6vVos
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Paperback ➜ http://amzn.to/2q0rbji
Series Links:

The series on iBooks ➜ http://bit.ly/sitwseriesibooks 
The series on Amazon ➜ http://amzn.to/2qiC2lt
I found Manning waiting at the base of the porch steps with Blue, looking every inch a man in jeans and fishing boots, the porch swing’s floral printed cushions under one arm. Any fears I had vanished. This was about the man I loved, a man both tough and sensitive, determined but attentive.
“Why are you wearing galoshes?” I asked, taking his outstretched hand. I started for his truck but he pulled me around the side of the house, toward the back. “And what’re the cushions for?”
“Guess,” he said.
Manning and I had explored the woods behind the house plenty of times. Usually we went back there for two reasons—to walk Blue, or to go on the lake. Neither of those seemed like great after-dark activities. “I’m stumped,” I said.
As we crossed from our backyard into the woods, Manning kept me close with an arm around my shoulders. Blue darted through the trees but always sprinted back when we whistled for her. Perhaps if I’d been anywhere except the place I called home, I might’ve been spooked by the cover of darkness. By the rustling bushes, or the haunting hoots and flapping of wings echoing around us. Instead, I snuggled into the side of the man I knew would kill to protect me or die trying.
The closer we got to the edge of the forest, the more convinced I was that Manning had lost his mind and decided to recreate the night we’d snuck out of camp, gone for a drive, and wound up in the water.
The woods spit us out into a clearing that opened up to a tiny lake we’d come to know well. It was shallow, mostly off the map, and small enough for us to drift aimlessly. Manning kept the first dinghy he’d ever made there, tied to a stake in the ground. He’d built other boats—some he’d sold, and with help, a larger one we kept at one of Big Bear Lake’s marinas—but we had this little slice of heaven all to ourselves most of the time.
“We’re going on the lake?” I asked.
“Bingo,” he replied. “Go on. Climb on over the starboard side.” Manning winked before he added, “And into my lap.” It was the same thing he’d said to me my first night at the house in Big Bear.
No matter how endearing his invitation, I stayed where I was. We’d made love in this boat. I’d laughed until my sides had ached watching Manning try and fail to catch a fish with his hands. We’d drifted around in it on hot afternoons eating orange slices as the sun had set. But we’d certainly never taken it out at night.
Blue whined, probably sensing she was about to get left behind. “Blue and I are going to need a bit of an explanation before we proceed,” I said.
He squatted to untie the boat, and I heard the smile in his voice. “What’s wrong? Don’t trust me?”
“To steer this thing in the dark?”
“The stars are out.” He gestured up at the sky. “They’ll guide us, Birdy.”
“Actually,” I said, hands on my hips, “it’s a crescent moon and particularly dark tonight.”
“I know,” he said. “I wish I could say I planned it that way, but we just got lucky.”
Warily, I climbed over the starboard side and set up both cushions. Once I was seated at the bow, he pushed the boat through the weeds and waded in after it.
“Stay,” he told Blue.
She barked once to get her point across but plopped down at the edge of the lake, watching us go as she had many times before.
“Where are we headed?” I asked once Manning had climbed in.
“To the middle.” Slowly, he rowed us out on the water. As the night spread around us, complete stillness punctuated by occasional splashes and croaks, I began to wonder if the journey was the destination. Though Manning and I had planned a fairly low-key weekend, there was no getting around the chaos that came with having friends and family in one place. It’d been days, maybe even weeks, since I’d experienced this kind of stillness and peace.
“Okay, this was a good idea,” I admitted, shutting my eyes and relaxing against the back of the boat to enjoy the warm breeze.
“We’re here,” he said.
I opened my eyes. “Where’s here?”
“Middle of the lake. Best spot to see the show.” He reached for me. “Come.”
Taking his hand, I let him guide me forward to sit between his legs.
He enveloped me, hugging my back to his chest. “Look up.”
I relaxed against him, resting my arms on his as I scanned the countless stars. In the pitch black, they shone especially bright. “They’re beautiful,” I said.
“You know I’ll always move the stars for you if need be,” he said. “Whatever it takes.”
Though I appreciated the warmth behind his words, wasn’t it possible some fates couldn’t be rearranged? The vastness of the black sky and the sheer number of stars overhead made me feel small and insignificant—but not in a bad way. Did the universe have plans for us? Or had Manning and I really defined our own destiny? And what did either of those realities mean for our future?
Manning bent his mouth to my ear. “Lake?” he asked.
“Did you hear me?”
Whatever it takes. It occurred to me as we sat under the glittering stars that Manning would do anything in his power to move them in our favor—but what would it do to him if he couldn’t?

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Cover Reveal: SAVAGE PRINCE (Savage Trilogy #1) by Meghan March

By Meghan March
Release Day March 27

Who knew things could get even darker and dirtier in New Orleans? New York Times bestselling author Meghan March introduces the Savage Prince of the city, the man you never want to meet. 

I do what I want and who I want. I don’t follow anyone’s rules—even my own.
I knew I shouldn’t touch her, but it didn’t stop me. 
Didn’t stop me the second time either. Only made me want a third. 
My lifestyle suits the savage I am, and she doesn’t. 
But Temperance Ransom is my newest addiction, and I’m nowhere near ready to quit her yet.
I’ll have her my way, even if it means dragging her into the darkness.
Hopefully it doesn’t kill us both. 

Savage Prince is book one of the SAVAGE Trilogy, set in the same world as Ruthless King
however you do not need to read the MOUNT Trilogy to devour this scandalously hot new story.
Amazon US ⇢ http://amzn.to/2AZjRud
Amazon UK ⇢ http://amzn.to/2AVyUog
Amazon AU ⇢ http://amzn.to/2kqkFRz


Amazon US ⇢ http://amzn.to/2E2KMWY
Amazon UK ⇢ http://amzn.to/2DOxGcR
Amazon AU ⇢ http://amzn.to/2rO0osM
Amazon CA ⇢ http://amzn.to/2rV7vQ9


Amazon US ⇢ http://amzn.to/2GtP3B8
Amazon UK ⇢ http://amzn.to/2FuZh32
Amazon AU ⇢ http://amzn.to/2rV7P16
Amazon CA ⇢ http://amzn.to/2BEOMbb

A New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels, Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She’s also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she’s ever had.
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Review Tour: COMBUST by K.Bromberg

COMBUST, an all new sexy and emotional standalone by 
K. Bromberg is Available NOW!



From New York Times Bestselling author, K. Bromberg, comes the second standalone book in the Everyday Heroes series. Just how hot will firefighter Grady Malone turn up the heat?

Songwriter Dylan McCoy has been burned.

By her boyfriend she found in her bed . . . with someone else.

By the contract she signed that obligates her to work with him until the songs for his new album are complete.

By her agent when she asked Dylan to keep their breakup on the down-low.

When she finds herself in Sunnyville, she refuses to let her new roommate burn her too. Still . . . a rebound has never looked so good.

That’s her first thought when she sees firefighter Grady Malone.
Sexy. Charismatic. Unapologetic. He’s a man who carries his own scars—the ones on his back, the survivor’s guilt on his soul, and the fear in his heart.

When an unexpected visitor puts their roommate status to the test, will their undeniable attraction burn out, or will they both take a chance and play with fire?

Purchase Links:



WHOA…now that was one H.O.T. novel! *fans self* Sorry Grant, Grady has taken your place, he is my new favorite Malone brother. I absolutely ADORED EVERYTHING about Grady and Dylan’s story. The playful joking between them. The real-life struggles that were completely relatable and realistic to the reader. The visceral emotions from the characters that I could feel through each word read. I can’t even count how many times this novel brought tears to my eyes or made me giggle or made me swoon…I was that invested in their story and emotions while reading. I was utterly moved by the raw emotion, the deep seeded struggles both Grady and Dylan had. The internal battles they had to face that were seemingly impossible to do on their own, but possible to conquer with the help and support of the right person. 

COMBUST was about facing your fears, not wasting your second chance at life, giving love a chance, (even though it can be messy), and finding a way to heal your heart. What resonated with me the most in this novel, was it’s deeper meaning: overcoming fear. FEAR has two meanings: forget everything and run OR face everything and rise. Fear is not something you can avoid, it’s something that everyone is affected by, but it’s how you handle that fear that’s important. Both Dylan and Grady had fears and they dealt with them like most people do, by avoidance. But fear doesn’t lay dormant…it begins to translate into their every day lives and ultimately “suffocate” them and hold them back from living. Through the help of each other, they learn how to face their fears head on and begin to live again. I also wanted to say, there were many times while reading when I found myself reflecting on my own life and my own personal struggles, THAT’S one thing I love about Kristy’s novels…readers can connect to the characters on a more personal level. I feel that’s a true talent of Kristy’s...she's able to capture the realism and translate it accurately in her novels time and time again.

COMBUST has easily slipped into my new TOP fave from K.Bromberg (aka Kristy Bromberg). She never leaves me feeling disappointed and is constantly proving to me WHY I insta-one-click her books. Kristy packed this novel full of her flawless writing, her trademark feels, moments of comical banter, and of course, fiery encounters that are just combustible! (pun intended *wink*). A MUST read!


10 stars!



About K. Bromberg
A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow.
She is currently working on her Everyday Heroes trilogy. This series consists of three complete standalone novels—Cuffed, Combust, and Cockpit (late spring 2018)—and is about three brothers who are emergency responders, the jobs that call to them, and the women who challenge them.
She loves to hear from her readers so make sure you check her out on social media or sign up for her newsletter to stay up to date on all her latest releases and sales: http://bit.ly/254MWtI

Connect with K. Bromberg