Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ROGUE by Callie Hart

 When people get too close to me, they wind up dead. Blood. Bullet holes. Stab wounds. I’ve kept my identity secret to protect the ones I love, but now the most dangerous man in my world knows exactly who I am… And he’s coming for me. 

Hector Ramirez has brought war to my doorstep, but he won’t win. 
I’ll fight to defend the vulnerable. 
I’ll kill to protect my club. 
But I’ll die to save the woman I love.

Kricket's Rating : 5 chirps

It's been a long wait, but we finally have ROGUE in our hands.  Not for the first time, Callie Hart has me dreaming about blood and crime and sex - the world she's created for Jamie "Rebel" Aubertin and Alexis "Sophia" Romero - and absolutely loving it.  Callie has such a skill for writing with an intensity that has the words jumping off the page to create the image clearly in your mind, and have you begging for more, more, MORE!

In this second installment of the Deadman's Ink series, we revisit characters - and at times even the story - that we came to love in Hart's BLOOD & ROSES series.  Rebel is the sexy, bad-ass alpha male with a hidden heart of gold and the mind of a master (intellectually and sexually).  Between Cade and his stint in the Marines, Rebel was saved from the same fate as his fictional predecessor, Zeth Mayfair, though the similarities are uncanny between the Romero sisters stories.  The girl he has come to know as Sophia, who readers all know as Alexis, has lived her life in the perceived shadow of her sister, longing to make the decisions and have the calm and focus of her older sister, Sloane.  Little did she know, the two are more alike than they think.  The parallelism was beautifully done, making readers question if the main story was Rebel's, or Sloane and Sophia's.  Regardless, I was left wanting more and foaming at the mouth with impatience for HELLION's release.