Saturday, February 16, 2013

So many words, so little time!

Ugh, don't you just hate it when your real life interrupts your fictional life(or lives)?  Of course, the week that I have so many books planned to read is the one that I can't seem to find enough hours in the day.  Perhaps I should stop sleeping all together and use that time to catch up on the many, many books that I am DYING to get to. 

Of course, the last two days, any spare moment I have has been dedicated to my wonderful author friend Jade C. Jamison, and her soon to be released Bullet, which I mentioned last week.  The story recaps Valerie Quinn's journey of love and metal.  Definitely a rockstar book NOT to be missed.  I'll update everybody when you can get your hands on it!


***On another note, an important public service announcement from the lovely Alannah Lynne, author of the Heat Wave Series (Savin' Me also mentioned last week).  Make sure you hit up the excerpt tour, and enter for your change to win in the giveaways :

I'll be doing an excerpt tour next week (one page each day) at the following locations. There will be a giveaway each day, and each commenter from each day will be entered into the grand prize drawing - a complete set of signed books!!! Don't worry, I'll remind you each day. I just wanted to give you a heads up. :D

2/18 Harlie's Books
2/19 Romance Book Craze http://www.romancebookcraze/
2/20 Guilty Pleasures
2/21 My Reading Obsession
2/22 Salacious Reads


Plotmonkeys - on 2/25
Liza's blog on 2/27 talking about the live chat that night at
Mo's Book Buzz - 2/27!! I'll get you the link for Mo's chatroom closer to the date. You'll want to go ahead and register and make sure you can get in before the chat, because it can sometimes be a little tricky. 

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  1. You are awesome!!! Thank you for sharing the schedule!! Have a great weekend!