Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back in the saddle...

Let's give this another shot.

I created this blog as an outlet for my reading obsession.  My TBR list is crazy long, and I need a place to store the information that filters through reading all these wonderful books.  However, a year ago when I started this page, I had no idea that I would end up pregnant a month later, and struggle with nausea every minute of every day until my little bundle of joy joined us.  I tell ya, when you can't even stand to open your eyes, it makes reading impossible.  Now that he has been here for a few months and we're settled into a routine, I have big plans for this little blog.  Hopefully I can get you all on board with me.  :)

In addition to sponsored blog tours, I'm going to be setting up a standard monthly giveaway.  This giveaway will be visitors choice.  The rules? 

I'm going to post a roll call for my viewers.  On that post, I want a recommendation from each of you.  Each month, I will pick one of the suggested titles to read and review.  When I post my review (a week after the selection), one of the comments that day will earn a lucky visitor an e-copy of the title.  There may also be chances for hard copies, and maybe signed copies.

So stick around, kids.  Feed the addiction, mine and yours!  


  1. Morning sickness sucks! I had it with all three of my kids. Each one it got a little better....5 1/2 months.....4 1/2 months and then 4 months 1 week. My youngest is almost 17, but you still never forget the sickness! Especially when others tell you I had a wonderful pregnancy. Always felt great. Makes you want to smack them! ;)

    1. True story, Sue! I know I'm lucky that that was the least of my worries, but DANG, that business gets old quick. My first I didn't have it, but the second two are grounded until they are 18 as payback :) Thanks for stopping by!