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Kyra Davis' JUST ONE LIE - Review and GIVEAWAY!



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The way I see it, there are two forms of rebellion. There is rebellion for the sake of rebellion, and there is rebellion for the sake of fulfillment. The problem with this is that in either situation, resistance is key. Resistance of convention and authority, and ultimately the greater good.

Mercy Raye - a.k.a. Melody Fitzgerald - is the picture of rebellion for the sake of fulfillment. She began her journey of self-destruction early in life, searching for something to ease the feelings of disapproval inflicted by her father. Deep down, though, she knew that she was meant for more - that she was capable of more. She's a mess, but she's the most put together mess possible. Her story shows what it looks like to know what is good for you but to rebel against it anyway.

On the other hand, her love interest Ash is the epitome of rebellion for the sake of rebellion. He is simply living to do as he pleases, living as if the future is now, not caring what the world has in store for him or what is best for him. Eventually he leads himself into the hospital, and it's at that time that Mercy finally sees the difference between herself and him. And what it is she needs to do for herself and her future.

In that moment, the readers heart breaks a little, but it's only destined to break more before it's healed.  In that moment, Mercy realized that young June - the daughter of her drummer and triangular love interest - needs to be protected from her.  She chooses to sacrifice her own happiness to save little June, and Brad - and also give Brad the time he needs to find his own way. This was a hard story to read, dealing with real issues and with hard facts of life. There was a good lesson to be learned though, and I recommend it to anyone who might be struggling with what is real and what might be in life. 

RaeLee's Review: 

4 Chirps

Originally, I saw this book going in several different directions, from the horribly sad to the big HEA. However, the author surprised me with added bonuses; a second chance love affair and a bit of a love triangle. But most important, self discovery and love. The story starts out with Mercy Raye- AKA Melody Fitzgerald rocking out with her band mates at the turn of the century---let's party like its 1999!. No really, that's when the story begins. 

The 90's was all about rebellion against the "man" but in this story it was mainly rebellion against family and love and life and most importantly, rebellion against herself. Mercy was a product of her choices. Some good, some not so good. The day Melody died and Mercy was born, something changed. She became cold and distracted.  Mercy is a mess. She is beautiful and she knows it. She needs her life to be extraordinary for her to feel normal...ordinary. 

When it comes down to it, she learns over the course of this story and years that she needs to love herself in order to move on and love another. 

What started as a typical angst filled book, ended in a beautiful lesson. Sometimes the road is bumpy and you can easily be lost, but no matter how long you meander those roads and no matter how long it takes, you keep moving forward. You stand up for yourself and you learn, however hard it may be, that love comes from within.  

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