Saturday, January 10, 2015

FitReaders: Weekly Check In

This is nothing new.  Every year, that unfinished resolution rears its ugly head and takes root at the top of our New Year's list.  Lose weight, we say.  Get in shape, we say.  If only reading burned more calories, we whine.  The thing is, we find ourselves on social media chatting it up with fellow bookwhores more often than not, so why not find motivation and encouragement from others like ourselves?  I recently became a part of a Facebook group like this, and while my comments and posts are sporadic, I am not absent.  I'm reading the posts of others, I'm sympathizing in their struggles, and I'm rejoicing their triumphs.  So, I've decided to take this one head on and work with this group, and you can too.  Here's how:

1.  Find us on Facebook at, a fabulous group hosted by The Geeky Blogger!

2. Make your goals attainable, start small.  Every little bit helps.  For me, I'm going to get back to my routine of hitting the gym 4 days a week, for at least 30 minutes.

3. DON'T focus on numbers!  This is where we get ourselves down every year.  The number doesn't mean as much as your quality of life, which you will feel improve before you see results on the dreaded scale.  Walk a little longer, breathe a little deeper, and stretch it out.  The more you do these things, the easier it's going to be to do a little more.  And that's when you'll see the results on the scale.

4.  Keep in contact with your motivators!  I hear with AA and other anonymous groups, it's important to keep in contact with your sponsor when you're feeling down.  The group above is your sponsor of sorts, and any time you're feeling like letting it go, STOP!  Make a post!  Drop a comment!  Let us know, and we'll pull you out of your slump.

5.  Last but not least : BE HAPPY!  Focusing on positivity improves metabolism and reduces the likelihood of stress eating.  (At least in my experience, but I'm not a scientist.)  Doesn't hurt to give it a shot, though.  Right?

So, for week one, these are the rules I've set myself.  Should be easy, right?  Let's see how next week turns out.  I hope to report that I've spent at least an hour total on the treadmill, and possibly run 2 miles throughout the week.

Good luck everyone!  I hope to hear from you!


  1. Great advice! I'm loving the new FB group.

    1. Me too, Diana! I haven't gotten much chance to post there this week, but it's still nice to check out what others have going on!

  2. So very glad that you joined us! That is fantastic advice :)

    1. Thanks Felicia! So glad this got started!