Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fit Readers : Weekly Check In #2

Here we are, closing up week one of our journey together!  I'm so happy with the results that I was able to achieve this week alone.  Not only am I able to say that I dropped 3.4 lbs on the scale, but I was able to purchase a size smaller than normal.  Now, I know that the size change was a work in progress before I started down this path, but this doesn't change the fact that I was finally able to make the transition after pushing myself - and reading the motivation of others.

If you all remember, I had hoped to report that after my first week back to the gym routine I had spent a minimum of one hour on the treadmill and had at least 2 miles under my belt for the week.  Here are the actual results of the week.

1.  Monday I briskly walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, just to get in the swing of things.  A little more than a mile was logged.

2.  Tuesday was 30 minutes on an Arc Trainer, burning 389 calories.

3.  New tradition : #5kWednesday.  3.26 miles, 50.59 minutes, 365 calories.

4. Thursday was a recovery day, logging a measly 1.94 miles for 194 calories in 30 minutes.  This is actually not measly, but in comparison to the previous days, I was definitely feeling relaxed.

 Now, tell me how your first week went.  I challenge you to choose one negative behavior from the week before to break.  Is it going to be to cut back from a pot of coffee to half a pot?  Maybe cut one soda a day out of the diet?  Let me know in the comments.

 And, I invite everyone to join me for #5kWednesday.  You don't need to run, or even walk quickly.  Take your time, or just push yourself those last few steps on your pedometer to make it to the 3.1 miles.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Happy healthiness!  Talk to you next week!

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