Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Review: DATING YOU/HATING YOU by Christina Lauren

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Carter and Evie meet at a costume party through mutual friends. They soon come to find out it was a setup, a “blind date” so to speak. After an amazing couple hours chatting and getting to know each other, they come to the conclusion, after realizing that they both are Talent Agents and “married to their jobs”, PLUS they work for two major Los Angeles rival agencies (Creative Talent & Media (CTM) and Price and Dickle (P&D) ), that they are better off being friends, so they exchange numbers. But after MANY fun and flirty texts between them, they decide to meet up for dinner. Well…one thing leads to another and they end up back at Evie’s place. Now they find themselves in this newfound relationship, which is all wonderful until one day they show up to work to find out that their competing companies are now ONE company. P&D and CTM have merged. P&D acquired CTM, so now they work TOGETHER. They find themselves in this unusual “dating co-worker” situation. This doesn’t really bode well for either of them because there’s nothing like putting a strain on a new relationship than to add a little competition. On top of working together, Evie and Carter find themselves vying for the same position, but only one can win. (Both have contracts up for renewal within the next 6 months). Let the shenanigans begin! Shady things are happening in the background that are causing Evie and Carter to question their allegiance. They went into this merger thinking they could help each other out and make each both indispensable to the company, but now they are finding ways to sabotage each other in the most juvenile of ways, and finding immense enjoyment (and some pleasure) out of. “This whole thing would be about a million times easier if I didn’t want to kiss him as much as I want to shove him.” –Evie. “Simply put, Evelyn Abbey is my former-girlfriend-turned-archnemesis-turned-tentative-ally whom I would now very much like to permanently seduce.” –Carter. But eventually they come to their senses and realize they are both better than they are acting, they come to a truce. Both know how to “play this game”. They’ve been working in the talent agency for years, so they know the ins and outs, but with a major power play happening behind the scenes that neither of them know about, will they be able to both keep their jobs? What about their relationship?

This was a “Happy fling-turned-rivals”, forbidden office romance type of story. It was packed with a deeper meaning about woman vs men in a work environment and the effects of sexism and how to overcome that.

Unfortunately, this story did not quite resonate with me. I felt as if my love for the couple lost significance in the face of the bigger picture…the conflict of who’s going to get the job in the end. The “battle to win” seemed to overshadow their relationship for most of the book. I loved their chemistry right in the beginning and I saw that chemistry shine through maybe two other times throughout, but all in all, I needed MORE of the lust. MORE of the want and desire between them. This almost felt like a tamer version of Christina Lauren’s novel, BEAUTIFUL B*STARD, without the combustible passionate scenes. The plot was exceedingly well developed, like I said, it had a deeper meaning with the sexism angle, but for me, it lacked the usual flare I’ve come to love and expect from their books and I hate to say that.

I do want to reiterate that I strongly believe that this story will connect with others out there, but I was just not one of them. This will not stop me from buying their next novel J

3 stars!
xoxo, Vivian 💋



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