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New Release & Review: THE PLAYER by K.Bromberg

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Baseball has never been sexier in an all-new novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, K. Bromberg.

Easton Wylder is baseball royalty. The game is his life. His passion. His everything.

So, when an injury threatens to end Easton’s season early, the team calls in renowned physical therapist, Doc Dalton, to oversee his recovery. Except it’s not Doc who greets Easton for his first session, but rather, his daughter, Scout. She may be feisty, athletic, defiant, and gorgeous, but Easton is left questioning whether she has what it takes to help him.

Scout Dalton’s out to prove a female can handle the pressure of running the physical therapy regimen of an MLB club. And that proof comes in the form of getting phenom Easton Wylder back on the field. But getting him healthy means being hands-on.  

And with a man as irresistible as Easton, being hands-on can only lead to one thing, trouble. Because the more she touches him, the more she wants him, and she can’t want him. Not when it’s her job to maintain the club’s best interest, in regards to whether he’s ready to play.

But when sparks fly and fine lines are crossed, can they withstand the heat, or is one of them bound to get burned?


WOW…GRAND SLAM! OUT OF THE PARK AMAZING! I am completely in LOVE with this novel!!! From the witty and flirty banter, to the insta-lust. From the push and pull to the downright sexy moments. From the more serious moments to the sappy #swoonwothy moments and everything in between….it was all PERFECTION! K (aka Kristy) Bromberg, came out in true Bromberg fashion with this novel. She brought everything she had to the plate (baseball pun intended *wink*). THE PLAYER exceeded all of my expectations!

Baseball royalty, the Austin Ace’s catcher, Easton Wylder, has been taken out of the game he loves, due to a dirty play during a game. In the moments after the injury occurred, in the blur of pain and suffering, he signed paperwork, without thoroughly reading through it, which stated he had to rehab and be back on the field, in 100% playing condition, by a certain date. Now he’s forced to abide by the parameters of that contract or risk never playing again or being traded. After refusal of working with the first physical therapist (PT) the club provided, he is at risk of breaching that contract. The club has generously brought in the renowned physical therapist, a man whom is requested by all the teams to rehabilitate their injured players, Doc Dalton. He is just who Easton needs to get back into playing form, but instead of finding Doc when he walks into the therapy room, he is shocked to see a woman there instead. Thinking this is just a prank by his colleagues, he pushes her to admit she’s not really a physical therapist, but he learns quickly that the feisty, gorgeous and intelligent woman is indeed a physical therapist and she can play his game and can give as good as she gets. She is also Doc Dalton’s daughter. Easton, “The throwback baller. The All-American do-gooder. And the notorious prankster” has finally met his match. Easton has his rehab to focus on. He needs to get back to the field, but his new rehab therapist proves to push him in ways he didn’t realize he needed to pushed in. She challenges him to show his true self and get past his fears.

Scout Dalton, is driven by two things: fulfilling her father’s aspirations and establishing a positive reputation. She’s got three months to rehabilitate Easton Wylder. He alone holds the ticket to achieving her goals. If she can get him back to 100% before August 1, she has the ability to lock in her father’s wish: getting the Austin Ace’s long term rehab contract and cementing a reputation that a woman CAN work in an industry dominated by men. Easy enough, right? This isn’t her first PT job, nor is her first time dealing with locker room talk. She’s got the experience and she has been trained by the best of the best, but right from the get-go, Easton proves to be a challenge she never expected. “If you’re going to bust my chops Wylder, you should know that I can give as good as I get.” –Scout. She has finally met her match. She’s found someone that tests her professional and personally. But Scout has a job to do. A reputation to build, but Easton is making her push her boundaries and testing her “hard heart” with every encounter. He’s determined to prove to her that she can let someone in.

But when contracts are involved, professional lines are blurred, careers are at stake, can these two find love?

“Duty wars against desire.                                 
Promises made battle against personal wants.
Responsibility clashes against recklessness.
Selflessness is pitted against selfishness.” -Scout. 

After reading THE PLAYER, I learned real fast, that this story is SO MUCH more than just baseball. It was about “never letting the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game”. Fears only hold you back from extraordinary possibilities. It was about allowing yourself to feel. Feel the craving, wanting, and lusting. Feel the rush of finding love in the most unexpected of places. #HaveADay. Being vulnerable: “To love is to be vulnerable.” #ClearMindHardHeart. To allowing yourself to breakdown those barriers that has you keeping everyone out and finally allowing someone in, even with no absolute certainties. It was about taking the risk. And then, on the other side of the proverbial fence, it was also about parent/child relationships and how, no matter how old you are, that little child in you, is still begging for approval and praise. Looking up to your parents for love and encouragement. All those aspects were in this novel.

Then another thing that was fascinating to read, was how Scout and Easton’s lives paralleled. Both live in the shadows of their father’s, determined to prove their own. They both grew with the help of the other. They both were able to break each other’s walls down, but it took persistence. “That hard heart of mine doesn’t seem to be hard any more. Not when it comes to Easton Wylder, at least.” –Scout. Easton’s ability to pull Scout out of her norm was beautiful to read. He had me swooning more than once! #TopBBFmaterial. And Scout’s strength was awe-inspiring. I love reading about strong heroines in a novel and Scout was resilient and everything I expect in Kristy’s novels!

When it comes to Kristy, there’s just that special something about her writing that pulls me in EVERY. TIME. and THE PLAYER was no different. From that deeper meaning to the story. To the growth and development of the characters. Then the unique storyline. Her stories easily become my everything when I read them and for these reasons, I come back time and again. I know deep down that THIS story will stay with me for a very long time. I know I will come back to re-read this novel time and again and with that kind of ending, I know I will be patiently (not so patiently) waiting for the final installment, THE CATCH, to come out in June! My theories are endless! I need to know what happens next!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend this novel to anyone that loves romance…it’s that simple.

5++ “out of the park” stars!
xoxo, Vivian 💋



About the Author:
New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines, and damaged heroes who we love to hate and hate to love.

A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow.

Since publishing her first book in 2013, K. has sold over one million copies of her books and has landed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists over twenty-five times.

In April, she’ll release The Player, the first in a two-book sports romance series (The Catch, book 2, will be released late June), with many more already outlined and ready to be written.

She loves to hear from her readers so make sure you check her out on social media or sign up for her newsletter to stay up to date on all her latest releases and sales:


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