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You Belong With Me Review & Giveaway

What happens when a man falls in love with his best friend? How does he convince her to love him in return if she has no idea that his feelings run so deep?

Carter London has everything a man should want, a blooming career as a sexy rock star, a loving family, women who adore his model-perfect looks, and great friends. What he doesn't have is the love of the girl who stole his heart nine years ago.

Casey Colbert is the converse-wearing epitome of the girl next door. She's smart, beautiful, and best friends with Carter London. She knows all there is to know about her sex-on-a-stick best friend, except the well-guarded secret of her holding the key to his heart.

Carter returns to his hometown of Indian Shores, Florida for his ten year college reunion, to profess his love to Casey. Unfortunately, he discovers her heart is already spoken for by none other than Jordan Reid, who is gorgeous, sweet and insanely rich.

Carter vows to use his time back home to win over the one woman who can set his world on edge with just a glimpse of her smile. Will Casey see the love that's right in front of her eyes? Or will the mistakes of his past and his obsession with loving her overwhelm the girl who already has it all?

My Review : 5 Chirps

I waited anxiously for this book to come out, and when it did, I devoured it.  Carter and Casey were those friends that started off on the wrong foot romantically, but ended up better friends for it.  So Casey thought any way.  She didn't understand that Carter knew from the beginning that he had screwed up, and spent years trying to find a way to be more.

"He ached for her.  Needed to be with her, not for sex, but for love, and marriage, and babies."

Then, 9 years after their first date, Carter finally finds the courage to tell Casey everything he's been holding back.  Until he arrives on her doorstep, and she tells him she thinks she's met "the one".  Wealthy and privileged Jordan Reid.  But Carter knows that he's meant to be with Casey, and he is there for her when trouble arises.  

"I need my sneakers.  Take me the f*ck home."

And when he thinks that his chance has arrived, he tells her everything...

"You invaded every space in my mind for the past nine years.  You are like a drug, but your good for me.  I'm addicted to you.  My heart aches when I'm not with you."

He may or may not have played his cards too soon, though.  Casey ends up stuck in the worst love triangle of her life.  She pushes him away, not trusting herself or him enough to make the decision that he wants her to make.  And just when you think that this is wholly about their romantic ups and downs, M.R. Joseph gives us a taste of the damage she can do to your emotions.  Tragedy strikes, and I was left sobbing, not sure how the characters were going to come back from that.  But Casey's best friend gives her the advice she needs to move forward.

"...don't make the same mistake I did.  In the end, love is all we have."

And from there, we get the happily ever after that is inevitable from the beginning.  These two characters are perfect for each other, and remind us of the most important thing in life and relationships.

"No one ever said love was easy.  It's full of decisions and heartache..." 

About the Author
M.R. Joseph has rediscovered one of her first loves...Reading. After being a devoted wife and mother for the past 12 years she decided to take some "me time" and get lost in the world of books. After reading her 20th of the summer, she realized that she could do this. She could write a book. In between being a mom and taxi to swim and gymnastics practices, she began her writing process. Music has always been a big part of her life so it became an integral part of her writing. You can always find her dancing in the kitchen with her kids and singing in the car along to the radio. Writing has been a labor of love and she hopes and prays that it will continue. M.R. lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with the love of her life and her two beautiful kids.

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